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AC 624 crash: MacGillivray Law to file class action lawsuit - Nova Scotia - CBC News
March 30 2015
(Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press) A Nova Scotia law firm says it will be filing a class action lawsuit representing passengers on board Air Canada Flight 624 that crash-landed Sunday morning in Halifax... Read More.

Nova Scotia again urged to open adoption records - Nova Scotia - CBC News
March 30 2015
(CBC) An advocate for open adoption records is calling on the community services minister to resign, accusing Joanne Bernard of misleading Nova Scotians. Mike Slayter is an adult adoptee who has spent.. Read More.

Air Canada AC624: Catherine Ouellet searches for man who carried aunt from plane - Nova Scotia - CBC News
March 30 2015
(Steve Lawrence/CBC) A Halifax woman is trying to find the man who picked up her 80-year-old aunt and carried her away from the wreckage of AC624. "He was absolutely incredible. He was there the whole.. Read More.

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